Empire Life Magazine Celebrates 1 Year, Releases First Digital Issue

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Image: CEO and Editor of Empire Life, Asia Horne

(Chicago, IL) Before there was such a thing as social media; before the world relied only the Internet for news, entertainment and all sorts of information, there was print publication. At a point in time, newspapers and magazines were the sole resources for the latest stories and happenings in the world. To some, it may seem as if the artistry behind print publication and news had been lost to the tech age; everything went digital. Thankfully, print agencies were able to maintain by upgrading their mediums. Today, in a technological age, millennials and entrepreneurs are taking their news and entertainment stories from books to bits: print has gone digital!

The evolution of newspapers and magazines to a virtual platform has allowed room for the development and expansion of many businesses, Black Girl Fly being one of them. Another of those evolving brands is Empire Life Magazine who, just this past week, celebrated one year of existence with the release of their first digital issue on Sunday May 1, 2016. We were eager to share in the celebration of another digital publication aiming to bring positivism and exposure to our audiences, through cultural, social, political, entertainment, and innovative stories and tips!

This past Sunday, we sat among some of Chicago's baddest and boldest entrepreneurs and young businessmen and women at Chicago's 15/20 Lounge, awaiting the big announcement: the digital release. As we waited, guests were served delectable appetizers and refreshing adult beverages, while we mingled, networked, and occasionally danced to the DJ mastery of Landon Battles. It was an atmosphere for a modest but impactful celebration, with supportive glaring smiles and accolades for magazine editor and CEO Asia Horne and her grand accomplishment.

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Image: DJ Landon Battles

We were able to speak with Asia and congratulate her on her success and the continued growth of her brand. We asked the young, Black, female entrepreneur to share some insight with us on how she got her start in digital publication, where she plans to go, and so much more.

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Image: BGF Contributor Tyler Lawrence with Asia Horne

BGF: We are so excited for you and the digital release of your first issue, this has to be an exhilarating moment for you as well! So, how did this all come to be? How did Empire Life Magazine start?

AH: Well, I started this about a year ago as I was exploring my path as an entrepreneur. As I did so, I noticed my peers and colleagues, many of them being women, building their own brands and businesses, and noticed that they were not getting the exposure and media attention that I knew they deserved. So, I wanted to create a platform for them, so that they can tell their stories of success and be able to allow that story to inspire others.

BGF: What have been some of your greatest personal connections made through your creation and sharing of Empire Life Magazine?

AH: The past year has been amazing! I have been able to connect with so many women and really help them to spread the word about their work and what they truly love to do. you know, Empire Life helps me to connect with women all around the country and world, through entrepreneurship. It's been so cool to me to be out and, when I mention Empire Life, their responses are 'Oh yeah, I know about you'; it really makes me happy because it shows that what I am doing is worth while. One notable relationship is one I developed with my now business partner Chatoya Antwine (A La Carte Galore) where we were able to collaborate on event ideas that led us to what we now have, which is the Unlocked Summit. The summit is actually touring now and will be in Atlanta in June. It's been such an experience to travel to different cities and encourage other women to follow their dreams and build their businesses.

BGF: What has been the most exciting part of your entrepreneurial journey, developing a digital magazine?

AH: The most exciting part is the official release. It has been a long time coming, but it was meant to happen; I didn't call it 'Empire Life Magazine' on accident. It was always my intention to build a community around it and really get to learn my audience and represent entrepreneurial Women of Color well. It is surreal to even have this. As a kid, I loved magazines and being able to create one is just exciting. I have gotten nothing but positive feedback because I always try to go above and beyond with our presentation and representation. I am excited to continue to build and encourage everyone to stay tuned for the many wonderful things Empire Life Magazine has in store!

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