Don’t Give Up Just Yet…


Photo via Black Enterprise

The holidays are approaching, and although I want to share reasons why you should be thankful this season, I really want to encourage you to keep pushing through the year. 2014 is not over yet! That goal you had back in March, you can still accomplish it! That book you wanted to read, you can still read it! That random act of kindness you wanted to perform… well…you get my point.

I love basketball, especially college basketball. I remember back in 2008, while a senior at Howard University, watching the University of Kansas take on the University of Memphis for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship. This game always stuck with me because (disclaimer: I’m a KANSAS Fan) in the 4th quarter, it looked like Kansas was going to lose, but they kept playing their hardest. As the clock got closer to running out of time, I leaned toward my friend and said, “this doesn’t look too good.” My friend then looked at me and said, “it looks like time is running out but they can still win this.” Shortly after they did just that, Memphis missed 2 shots, and Kansas won the game!

And guess what? There’s still time for you to win your game!

You have to make intentional decisions toward what you want to accomplish. Whether it’s big or small, you have to wake up everyday with the mindset that you will win in whatever you set out to do. As you become comfortable with planning and executing your plan, you will start to notice your confidence getting stronger until your goal has been met, and you’re on to your next dream you want to make reality.

Confidence is key. Have confidence in yourself that you will not fail, and just watch yourself in motion.

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BrittanyB. Marie Foster is a dreamer, doer, and believer. She loves writing her vision and seeing it come to fruition with faith and hard work. She hails from Wichita, Kansas and is a Howard University Alum. She enjoys learning from new people, spending time with family and friends, and watching anything that can make her laugh. B. Marie currently resides in Chicago, IL and is an Associate Producer at an advertising agency. Find Her: Twitter: @b_marie_foster IG: @bmariefoster