Dear Love X Fierce Love: Reaffirming Your Fly February Challenge



by Ashley Coleman

As a blogger and author, one of the things that I focus on myself and that I try to impart on my readers is the idea of learning about yourself and learning to become more comfortable with yourself. That’s why I am so excited about this month’s self-love challenge with Black Girl Fly Mag with special contributing writer Janae Taylor to promote fierce self-love!


I am the publisher of and also the author of the book Dear Love: A Love Letter to You. In the book, I featured a collection of love notes that each began “Dear Love.” These love notes contained all the lessons that I had learned up until the time of publishing about what it really meant to love, not only my significant other, but also my friends, family, strangers, and most importantly myself.


Learning more about loving myself and others continues to be a journey. I have had victories, challenges and pitfalls in my desire to love more extravagantly in my life. But I know that it is possible to love a lot more selflessly and I won’t stop until I get there and help others along the way!


So we want to invite you into that journey with the #ReaffirmingYourFly challenge for the month of February. Starting on February 1st!  Check out a little more about the challenge below and how by participating, you will have the opportunity to be entered into an awesome giveaway!


Dear Love X Fierce Love Reaffirming Your Fly Challenge


We will alternate between self-love letter prompts and quotes of affirmation for the next 28 days. Each self-love letter prompt will be posted on odd numbered days of the month and we want to encourage you to participate in this important journey.


  • We want you to share your letters via pictures on Instagram using hashtags #BlackGirlFly, #ReaffirmingYourFly & #DearLovetheBook.
  • We will also accept submissions via email sent to
  • Throughout the challenge, we will repost pictures as well as publish submissions on the Black Girl Fly Magazine website. Janae Taylor will be submitting her letters to be published on the website as well to encourage you along the way!
  • At the end of the 28 days, we will select one winner at random for an awesome giveaway of my book Dear Love and the accompanying journal for your own collection of love notes!


We hope you will join us on this awesome journey of self-love and we are sure that by the end of the 28 days you will be motivated and refreshed about all the things you can accomplish when you start by loving yourself. Are you ready? Here are our prompts and affirmations for the first seven days.



a7624bca7c454329-Crop2Ashley Coleman is a writer from Philadelphia, PA. She publishes two of her own blogs and She has also contributed to,, Philly360 and JUMP Magazine.

Also the creator of the series Bold, Brown, and Beautiful for women of all colors, Ashley has found her stride in encouraging others.

In coming to the realization, that no one receives love letters anymore, she decided to share hers with you.

To keep up with all that she is doing, follow her @writelaughdream on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.