Dear Brother: A Letter to the Black Men We Love



Dear Brother,

My dear brother you are simultaneously the back bone and disdain of a country your legacy has shed blood to create. You are begrudgingly planted in barren soil and expected to bare a bountiful harvest. No water, no care, no kind words, no incitement just season after season of Emmett Tilling and Eric Garnering your ground. The days of cutting down strange fruit seem distant. Times of plowing and bulldozing estranged roots from decades of leveling our trees continue among us.

My heart aches for you. Every day I worry about you. I worry when you ride the subway, I worry when you're driving home and I worry when you tell me that you'll be right back. I fret because any move you make is probable cause to lose your life. To them, you look suspicious in your car, wearing a hoodie, blasting your music, on the night before your wedding, and even on your own porch. You are intimidating as you walk the streets in plain clothes. You unknowingly frighten those in your presence. They are so stricken by your essence. It is overwhelming to be in your company. Anything you say or do can and will be aggressively judged. You are intelligent, yet seen narcissistic, outspoken but unruly. You have done nothing wrong, but wrong is done to you.

Dear brother, your potential is so great others can see from light years away. Your accomplishments do not go unnoticed. You are the anchors of our family. We hold your hand through this difficult time. We embrace you tightly to let you know how important you are to us. We do not want to let go. You are needed, you are appreciated, you are strength, you are loved dear brother.

In remembrance to all those who have fallen unjustly at the hands of law enforcement, rest in beautiful peace dear brothers.


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