Day 5: Reaffirming Your Fly February Challenge- JaNae' Taylor

Day five~ body love.
my laptop rest on you
and my book bag while reading the bus
you push doors and school desk aside with very little effort
and do not fit in many spaces
but thighs,
you are peanut butter thick 
and massive craniums can rest on your pillow topped mountains after 12hr shifts
you are always warm.
dear thighs~ continue to rub together 
blackgirlsfly because our first names got more syllables than our last names

i am comprised of many fierce ancestors from TaylorNorthDorseyWallaceFreemans who have traveled miles of this planets soil \ in this lifetime i go by JeNae’ \ i travel through spaces mostly as a storyteller, theatre practitioner, FUNdraiser, organizer, decoder and poet \ graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Watkins Mill High School and my mothers elementary \ i have been recreatingdancingdreamingwritingspeakingsingingdirectingactingplaying since the 20th century and i don’t know how to stop \