Day 2: Reaffirming Your Fly February Challenge- JaNae' Taylor


  BGFxRYF-Day02-01day two

~i love the person i've  become, because i fought to become her -kaci dane 

truth be me saying hey, dear you [sisStar,

holding the mud in my hand

squeezing through each day 

some times clothed 

others not so much

daily attempting to 

break through what

has been so 


the damnation between

thighs hips breast 

tongue eyelash freckle

fingernails ankles knees


i know i am jsut four generations from the 19th century 

and three generations from obedient wives

and two generations from mommas doing it from high rises

and one generation from sisterfriends living single

and I'm in the generation filled with  comfortable/optional rage

i know that 

we have progressed

and we are

i sisStar



click crash

pull rip rumble

tumble crrrrasshhh

fly high mighty warrior 

there is no thang one can name my power can not conquer

i made one with the creator

i am the bud of the root of billions of years

attached to my root 

of bearth 

i hold the womb 

I love the person I’ve become, because I fought to become her. - Kaci Diane

i am comprised of many fierce ancestors from TaylorNorthDorseyWallaceFreemans who have traveled miles of this planets soil \ in this lifetime i go by JeNae' \ i travel through spaces mostly as a storyteller, theatre practitioner, FUNdraiser, organizer, decoder and poet \ graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Watkins Mill High School and my mothers elementary \ i have been recreatingdancingdreamingwritingspeakingsingingdirectingactingplaying since the 20th century and i don't know how to stop \