Day 1: Reaffirming Your Fly February Challenge- JaNae' Taylor


day one First Love: I  am my first love because...


dear me [ i want me to remember

i am my first love because i am what i came with first


vulva evolving lotus exploding i am my first love because i am

i am


my first

my own

my thumbs in pairs

i love down there

{ }

all the way to tips of my toes


it is from this first love that i am able to experience whole love my example always wanting to be myself

abeni: we asked for her, and behold, we got her

i am my first love because i see through my third eye

: : shadow'light'be-ing

that i am the answer i have been looking for the model the design the

colossal feeling i feel when i want to knowbefeel more

i am the answer


it is

because of that that i hold myself to the standard i want

i want to love me better than anyone

i want to know me better than anyone

i want to be my biggest craving

and most titanic desire

i am my first love because i deserve me


i am comprised of many fierce ancestors from TaylorNorthDorseyWallaceFreemans who have traveled miles of this planets soil \ in this lifetime i go by JeNae' \ i travel through spaces mostly as a storyteller, theatre practitioner, FUNdraiser, organizer, decoder and poet \ graduate of Columbia College Chicago, Watkins Mill High School and my mothers elementary \ i have been recreatingdancingdreamingwritingspeakingsingingdirectingactingplaying since the 20th century and i don't know how to stop \