Creating a Relationship with Fear



We avoid fear like a plague while also finding different ways to indulge in its cold embrace. This past weekend I attended an event hosted by My Creative Connection who decided to tackle this particular beast. The topic was fear and MCC hosted a panel to discuss how to accept it, utilize it and build on it as a Creative. Understanding how difficult it is to work creatively and sometimes solely on faith alone, MCC created a space of honesty and inspiration.

The panel consisted of some dynamic individuals: Michael Tonge whose work includes uniting creators, Tracy G., a radio and television “edutainer”, Darian Symoné Harvin, journalist and Ronald Draper, mixed-media artist. Each with their own pearls of wisdom readily available to uplift the individual, I left with more than a hand full of quotables and life lessons.

Tracy G. had the most to offer. She said that in times of hardship, look at life like a video game. Remember how many gold coins you’ve collected and make sure you’re doing some mental housekeeping. Take inventory of your wins and remember they’re not there by accident. There are levels to life, there are levels that we’ve conquered and levels we’ve yet to see. And, in the event that we have lost, look at it as a lesson.

It's difficult following your dreams when you're a creative. When your talents are unconventional and your offerings might not find the right audience immediately, it's hard to maintain steam and there consistently exists the fear of failure in a realm where that fear is quite realistic. An event like this is necessary to charge your psyche and remind yourself that your thoughts and ideas are good enough. As a visitor, it reminded me that fear is simply a mind killer, a figment of most of ours imaginations and something we can all survive. After attending this event, I left with a quote I will look to for strength: "If you fall you won't break, you'll bounce and sometimes higher than where you were before."

Ruth 2Ruth Jean-Marie is a recent graduate of New York University where she received her Master’s of Science degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in human rights and international law. Dedicating her life to the alleviation of misery around the world, her greatest goal is to become a superhero. Her interests include fashion, equality for women and Black people--that real equality, not the surface level stuff, traveling around the world and writing. She's excited about life and intends on living it. She also has a mild obsession with shoes, shopping and sharing her opinion. You'll hear all about it. Follow Ruth on Twitter at @lesocialnomad and on Instagram at @lesocialnomad and @toharrietwithlove.