Check Out These #BGFlyMom Entrepreneurs!


Our moms do it all. They protect us, guide us when they can and love us unconditionally. A #BGFlyMom does that and then some. She can also be an entrepreneur who doesn’t work your traditional 9-5 job, but rather runs her own business on her own time. Mother’s Day is here! So let’s give a shout out to all of the moms who are about their family and their business. You can run down the list of “mompreneurs” and check out their pages for more information on their websites and products.  1.) Meet Yolanda Renee, she is a content creator, YouTuber, and influencer, located in Maryland.

Yolanda Renee

“I am a Black Girl, I'm Fly and most importantly I am a Mom! I'm honored to be featured because being a Mommy is the most important role in my life. Myself and daughters, Taylor and Skylar definitely stay fly! Ha ha! We have so much fun with fashion & hair. They are like mini-mes! But besides the girlie stuff I pride myself in organically teaching my girls how to be mini entrepreneurs. They see everything I do from graphics, t-shirt design, filming, photography, events & more! I include them as well. By the time they're teenagers all of this will be second nature to them.”


Keep up with all of Yolanda’s projects on, and on social media @etcblogmag and @curliescolortoo. Check out her natural hair inspired t-shirt and jewelry online shop 2.) Stephanie Bernard of  (@HealthyHairToToe) lives in New York, and is a Lifestyle Blogger and Freelance Writer.


“I am a BGFlyMom because I've been winging it with all of my roles since day one. I want to teach my boys that it's ok to roll with the punches, not follow standards of society and still be successful within your own right.”

Check out her beauty, health and wellness blog  you can also find her on YouTube and Twitter @Healthyhair2toe


3.) Marcia Smith is the owner of Haute Greeks Couture


You can find her website at where she sells 80s and 90s inspired Black Pride apparel.

“Marcia is a fly Black girl, period. Her magic is her response to activism with fashion. I admire how she captivates popular, memorable, realistic staples in black history through her designs.”


4.) Meet Shaleen-Kaye Denham from Hampton Roads, Virginia. She is the co-founder of NaturalHairDoesCare and the curator of Naturalistas Chic.


She explains that she’s a #BGFlyMom because “Being a single-mother of my amazing son Harper has such a blessing. He keeps me on my toes and makes me want to be the best in everything that I do. He's intelligent, stealthy, inquisitive and so sarcastic just like me. And he's a handsome little thing. I match HIS fly!”

Follow Shalleen-Kaye on Instagram @shalleenkaye @naturalhairdoescare

You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr @naturalhairdoescare

5.) Meet Dayna from Baltimore, Maryland.

Dayna Bolden


Fashion and Natural Hair Blogger

“I am a fly mom because I never let motherhood compromise my style and that is with all facets of my life. With whatever I do, whether it be from my work or simply getting dressed; I do it all with style and grace because I know my daughter is watching and I want to always be the best example for her. Doing all things with poise, grace and with a Boss mentality is why I'm a Fly mom!”

7. Andresha DeBourg is a Children's Fashion Stylist living in New York City.

Andreesha 2

“I consider myself a #BGFlyMom because I am a woman who takes on the selfless and unconditional responsibility to nurture the emotional and physical well being of my kids. To put the icing on the cake, my kids and I are stylish. We inspire our social media fans with our style and our outstanding bond.”

Check out Andresha’s Instagram @andresha.d for more stylish pictures of her and her minis!

8. Meet Michelle Thames a natural hair blogger from Chicago, Illinois.

Michelle Thames

"I'm a BGFLYMOM because I work hard and push myself to do my best for my daughter. Shes watching my every move, and I want to set an example for her and show her that she can do whatever she puts her mind to and be great at it!"

Keep up with Michelle on Instagram @naturalista86 and visit her website

9. Meet Abena Bonsu a stylist from New York.

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"I am a #BGFlyMom because I am a strong single mother. I Live for my son and look fly while doing it!"

10. Meet Destiney a Social Media Marketer and future entrepreneur.


Destiney explains that as a #BGFLYMOM she teaches her daughter 'How to be respectful of other women, and that by building each other up, we build ourselves up. That's something I practice daily, and the message I hope my daughter receives loud and clear".

You can check out Destiney's Instagram @momcrushmonday.


Seeing all of these beautiful, strong, and business minded moms only adds to the reasoning as to why Black girls are fly; better yet, why Black moms are fly! Be sure to follow these Fly mom pages and visit their websites for more information.

Don’t forget to show your mom love on Mother’s Day! Join the photo challenge on the Black Girl Fly's Instagram page and tell us why your mom is a #BGFlyMom.

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