Can We Separate the Musician from the Music?



For many of us, art is a part of our everyday lives. Most of us listen to music daily: before work, before going out, in the car and a ton of other places. This is not a speech about musical lyrics and its content. It is, however, a question of whether we can separate art from the instrument. Are any of us able to accept music at face value without making a remote connection to the artist? Often times, it is the person who gives life to their art. Most contemporary artists thrive off off their constructed image alone.

Popular culture suggest that it is nearly impossible appreciate the music without embracing the musician. Publications make a living off of incessantly dissecting the lives the rich and famous which often times includes figure heads in music. If Rihanna and someone she isn't said to be dating leave a venue together, then they MUST BE romantically involved. Usher is reportedly getting engaged to his long time live in girlfriend. Chris Brown publicly slandered his ex girlfriend via Instagram. High school sweethearts Paul Patton and Robin Thicke head for splitsville after years of marriage. Azealia Banks has been under fire since her interview on Hot. 97 in addition to Twitter battles with other celebs. How do we know all of this information? The media inundates us with this stuff every chance they get. All of these headlines do not make these artists any less talented. Unfortunately, supporting the ridiculed artist somehow tags our character flaws. Some of these people lead alternative lives that we may not agree with, but I dare you to say that their gift doesn't speak to your soul whenever you hear the music.

Do the lives and views of celebrities change your outlook on their artistry?

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