"Bringing Up Ballers" Gives More Reason To Honor Your Mother this WHM

File_000 March 1st commemorated the beginning of Women's History Month, where leading ladies all around the world are celebrated: past, present, and future. We delegate this time specifically to honor women who have impacted our lives directly and indirectly. From Ida B. Wells and Maya Angelou to Beyoncé and Michelle Obama, we are blessed to hear of and/or witness the significant impact women have had on our existence. Some of the most phenomenal women many of us will ever know happen to go by the name of 'MOM'.

It is often said that there is no love like that of a mother for her child(ren). I also believe, along with that unmatched love, there is an even greater leniency towards sacrifice from a mother to her child. I can recall multiple accounts of my mother giving up her rest, food, funds, and down time just to ensure that her children had all that we needed and a bunch of things we wanted too. Mom has always been willing to go above and beyond for us, believing in our gifts and supporting our dreams. This must be the case for the moms on Lifetime's new hit television series "Bringing Up Ballers", which aired on Wednesday, March 1st, 2017.

The series follows the lives of real mothers based out of Chicago, IL raising young athletes from minority backgrounds who are not only balling on the court, but excelling academically and socially to ensure promising, successful futures for themselves. These moms, exposing the grind and occasional drama that comes along with being the parent of a star athlete in a major city, have given the world the opportunity to see that while we know motherhood is a beautiful but complex role to fill, it is far less dignified when your child is a star. On the night of the premier, two of the six moms (Nikki and Peytyn ) hosted a viewing party and spoke with attendees about how much it means for them to have the support of their families, friends, colleagues, coaches, and the community as they are exposing this side of parenthood to millions of viewers. We commend these women for televising their transparency and vulnerability, while also providing some light hearted entertainment amidst the intricate moments of their everyday lives.

Tune in to "Bringing Up Ballers" every Wednesday night at 9pm CST/ 10pm EST for more on the lives of these super moms and their superstar kids!

*All photos provided by Brooke Lawrence

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