Black Girl Fly Resolutions and Affirmations

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We proclaim "new year, new me" in 2016 and we're dedicated to keeping that resolution throughout the rest of our lives. The phrase calls for growth and demands greatness of ourselves. At Black Girl Fly Magazine, we support any attempts at bettering yourself and support the paths our readers take to do so. Take a look at some of the affirmations and beliefs we know will make 2016 an even better year:
Love yourself. Educate yourself. Be proud of yourself. Treat yourself.
Take an hour out of everyday to do something you enjoy. Have a naked dance party. Listen to Maxwell. Stare at pictures of Idris Elba (or Sanaa Lathan). Focus on your happy and build foundations for further growth.
Prosperity is your birthright. Summon all good things into your life. You are the master of your thoughts. 
Admittedly, this one is from The Secret, but reminding yourself daily of your worth and power is reinvigorating. It will lead to more happiness which, in turn, brings about more productivity and success.
Replace "I need to" with "I am". 
It is said that whatever follows, "I am" is true. Whether it's a self-manifesting destiny and the creation of reality or not, we can't argue the power of the phrase. Incorporate this into your speech more often.
Express Gratitude.
Take the time to be grateful for what you have and all that you have endured. Also, take the time to give back to others when you can. Thank you notes, donating time, food or money or simply smiling at someone will create joy in your heart and in the hearts of others. This joy will undoubtedly be multiplied tenfold.
Ask yourself, "Who am I to me?"
In a talk for OWN's "Supersoul Sessions--Speaker Series", Janet Mock recently suggested the power to unlocking your potential is by asking yourself, "who am I to me?". According to a recent HuffPost article, you must be willing to look "deep within yourself and truly hear the (potentially difficult) answers". This question surely prefaces a life of authentically being you.
BGF Activity: Check in with yourself daily and gauge how you are feeling. Make sure you're always in the present (after all, you have no ownership of the past and aren't guaranteed the future). Create a mental score card of your victories--no matter how small or large.
Remember that you are almost never alone in your endeavors – make connections with those who have similar life, professional and relationship goals!

BGF Magazine LogoThe Black Girl Fly Collective came together to create this list of New Year's resolutions and affirmations. Understanding the need for self affirmation and a guideline to accomplish it, we thought it appropriate to provide one.