She's Black Girl Fly: Akisha Lockhart

Akisha Lockhart is Black Girl Fly! This was evident from the moment I heard her speak on the “Women in Hip-Hop” panel at the Black Women’s Expo in Chicago last month. Poised and graceful, Akisha commanded the audience of women eager to learn of the ins and outs of navigating the male-dominated industry. In the spirit of Ella Baker’s group-centered leadership model, Akisha highlighted the hard work and support of her team at every opportunity that would allow. This spirit of a fiercely driven, young woman leader captured me. I knew we needed to share her story. In preparation for her interview, we shared ideas on building creative entrepreneurial community and the plight of Black youth among other topics. Akisha’s insights proved a sharp mind and a sharper business woman. Here’s what she had to share with us:
BLACK GIRL FLY MAGAZINE: Akisha, please tell our readers where you are from and what you do.

AKISHA LOCKHART: Hi! My name is Akisha Lockhart and I'm a journalist from St.Louis, MO.


BGFM: What inspired you to start your platform, All I Need Is One Mic (AINIOM)?

AL: I created because I needed a platform to hone my journalism skills and I wanted to give other people an outlet to showcase their dreams.


BGFM: Why did you create “She’s Got a Show”?

AL: I created "She's Gotta Show" because I always wanted to have my own talk show. I believe both women and men should create opportunities for themselves insisted of waiting for someone else to do it.

Akisha Lockhart

BGFM: What has been your most memorable interview so far?

AL: My most memorable interview so far has to be the first I did with Chase Adams here's the link Chase is a basketball YouTube sensation, and the first time I interviewed him is 9 years old I believe. The reason why I would say it's the most memorable is because he's the youngest person I've ever interviewed and he is so intelligent. Chase and his family are wonderful people!


BGFM: Who is the one person you dream about interviewing (deceased or living)?

AL: Wow, that's a great question! There are so many people, but the person that sticks out the most is Amy Winehouse.


BGFM: What are your thoughts on present representation of women in media? Black women?

AL: I would like to see more positive representations of black women in the media. One of the reasons I LOVE "Black Girl Fly Magazine" is because you and your team do a great job of showing us how beautiful black women, men and children are.

Akisha Lockhart


BGFM: Many women want to get into broadcast journalism and media, what advice would you give those wanting to be where you are?

AL: For anyone out there that wants to pursue a career in journalism my best advice would be to do your homework. Study the greats. If you can shadow and or do an informational interview with a journalist do it! Internships have really helped me to learn first hand what the industry was about. A lot of time people don't want to volunteer or work for free, and I would say that's the wrong attitude to have when you're first starting out. Knowledge is not only powerful it's also priceless.


BGFM: Your blog has a style corner entitled “Dress Code”-- what is your go to/daily dress code?

AL: Chiquita Carey is the mastermind behind the blog "Dress Code" She does such a great job of educating our followers on fashion and style. I really don't have a daily dress code. The most important thing to me is that I'm dressed for the occasion.

Akisha Lockhart

BGFM: Who are some of your greatest inspirations?

AL: My greatest inspirations are my parents and sisters.


BGFM: What’s coming up next for you?

AL: I'm very happy to say the second season of my internet talk show "She's Gotta Show" starts Monday April 27th. You can check out season one here I also have a few other very excited projects that are in the works that I'll be announcing on social media & my website as they get closer.


BGFM: Where can our readers connect with you?

AL: I'm on Facebook: Akisha Lockhart, Twitter: @AkishaLockhart and Instagram: @ShesGottaShow


BGFM: Why are Black Girls fly?

AL:Black girls are fly because we make our own rules!


Akisha is a Black fly girl making her own rules. Be sure to check out her latest episode of "She's Got a Show"!


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