BG AmpliFly'd: Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director


Name: Nickecia “Nick/Dr. Nick” Alder

Role: Founder + Editor-in-Chief, Black Girl Fly Magazine

Academic Accomplishments: BA Psychology and Africana Studies + MS and EdM Community Mental Health

Profession: Higher Ed Administrator, Undergraduate Instructor + Ph.D. Candidate

Having held the title of “doctor” before actually entering a Ph.D. program, Nick creates and informs her own destiny. As a youth leader, Nick shared her desire to be a Ph.D. holding instructor and was labeled “Dr.” by the congregation to affirm her vision and solidify her fate. Several years later, you can catch her steelo--are people still saying that?

While Nick is working on some pretty major projects (Party Noire, anyone?), she continues on in the understanding that if she doesn’t define herself for herself, she would be crunched into other people’s fantasies of her and she has no intention of being crunched. You can look out for Dr. Nick’s digital media marketing and communication consulting business ‘real soon.'

Nick’s ultimate goal in life is to be a conduit for the stories of Black women while also innovating mediums of storytelling. Committing her life to activating digital and physical spaces for Black women, Nick does just that. We can’t wait to find out what’s next.

Why are Black girls fly? Our existence + resilience are an inherent revolution in the face of all the tools meant to oppress us. Our creative innovation pushes industry + culture forward. We are light years ahead of the rest and never meant to not fly.

Follow her on social media at @word2nick on social media.


Name: Courtney Danielle Stradford

Role: Co-Founder + Creative Director, Black Girl Fly Magazine

Academic Accomplishments: BS Integrative Neuroscience + MS Molecular Biology

Profession: Digital content creator, influencer, and Entrepreneur

Courtney Danielle is it--we promise. Guiding her life with her favorite bible verse, Proverbs 31:30, Stradford shapes her life by the word of God and her myriad passions. Flipping her very famous hair, Courtney has plans of melding her love for science and medicine with style and beauty.

In her spare time, Court invests time in her most valuable thing--herself. At 28 years old, Court is continuing to refine and build content for her brand, Curls and Couture, having had her first international speaking opportunity in France (ooh la la!) recently. Courtney is just getting started. With goals of becoming a surgeon, and most importantly happy and healthy, Court embodies Black girl flyness.

Why are Black girls fly? Black girls are fly because we are versatile, resilient, intelligent, strong and unimaginably beautiful. We are trendsetters and trailblazers in everything we do--setting the tone and leading the way for others. We are unstoppable.

Follow her on social media at @curlsandcouture.