BGF Spotlight: Nicole Yolanda King & Queendom Builders Corp.


unnamed (1) 1. Nicole, tell our supporters a little about you, where you're from, and what you do? My name is Nicole Yolanda King. I am a 18 years old and I am from Brooklyn, New York. I am a full time high school student, graduating in June 2015. I am the proud founder of Queendom Builders Corp.

2. What is your organization Queen Builders? The Queendom Builders is a organization to help empower women of all ages, while building a multicultural sisterhood though Christ. We aim to reach issues such depression, low self-esteem, violence, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse etc. There will be events, informational classes and monthly outings for each girl and woman to participate in. unnamed (3)

3. What inspired you to create this organization? Back in 2010 I suffered the lost of my father which pushed me into a deep depression and four months later I lost my best friend to gun violence. In those 4 months God showed me a vision. In that vision, I saw myself speaking to young girls and women of different ages and races. I was helping them overcome their obstacle while introducing them to Christ and for some strengthening their relationship with him, but because I was going through I turned it down. God said "I can not trust you with this vision until you trust me". After four long years I finally put my trust in God and I heard with my own ears God say " I now trust you because you trust in me". I started fasting, praying and working right away and now my vision is complete.

4. Where can supporters connect with you and learn more about Queen Builders? For all those who would like to support me and learn more about the Queendom Builders organization please feel free to contact me at or even my Facebook: Nicole Yolanda King. Also you can follow the Queendom Builders Instagram page for a daily encouragement @queendombuilders.


5. Why are Black Girls fly? Black Girls are fly because we have the power to overcome any obstacle life throws our way. As black girls, we know life isn't easy or all that forgiving but resilience allows us to rise even when we have fallen. The cocoa in our skin is part of the masterpiece created by God and is a glorious symbol  of national greatness.

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