BGF Spotlight: Jessica Greenhill & myBookbag LLC Subscription Service


Subscription services  are a relatively new business model that provides consistency for both consumers and business owners. Unique and innovative are characteristics needed, among others, to build a successful subscription service. Our current spotlight is nothing short of unique and innovativeJessicaGreenhill.  I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Jessica Greenhill from myBookbag LLC, a monthly book subscription. Jessica shared some of her journey as a new business owner along with her motivations, and upcoming plans for myBOOKbag. Black Girl Fly Mag: What is your name, where are you from and what do you do? Jessica Greenhill: My name Jessica Greenhill and I am from Marlboro, Maryland and I am also the creator of myBookbag LLC. myBoogbag LLC is a platform for independent authors to showcase their work and for the avid reader who wants to be expose to awesome independent work.

BGFM: So Jessica, does that mean that you are an author?

JG: My sister is an author; she is currently working on a book of quotes. She has authored a children’s book and a book on natural hair care. The latter inspired me, watching the difficulty in getting it to the masses.

BGFM: Do you have a favorite book?

JG: No, I am currently reading books on meditation. It really helps with being an entrepreneur.

BGFM: Speaking on being an entrepreneur, what kind of advice would you offer to readers who want to start their own business?

JG: Go for it. Research your idea, take small steps. Have a time line. Set hard dates and to do lists, but really research your idea to make sure it’s sound.


BGFM: What makes you different from Indie Bookstores?

JG: With myBookbag LLC, the author and reader get the opportunity to engage, more so than in an Indie bookstore. It’s more about the personal experience. At a bookstore, the only thing you know about the author, unless, you’ve done your research, is on the back. We offer that inspiration that makes

BGFM: Reading is dreaming with your eyes open, why does this quotes speak to you, why is reading important?

JG: When your eyes are closed, you are only getting one source of information. When a person is reading, reading creates your adventure. It’s like dreaming. In your dream, you are creating. Reading keeps your eyes open, it betters your literacy, gets you into the trenches. This is what’s going on, you are creating your own opinion and your own dreams.

BGFM: How do you feel when people say that they “hate to read”?

JG: I think we are apart of a society that wants instant gratification.

BGFM: I like that, “instant gratification”.

JG: Yeah, it’s where “I hate to read comes from. To find that desire you have to re-teach yourself the importance. It builds inspiration, vocabulary, and awareness of you and others, and ultimately the world. We are a society that expects the “quick”, we watch movies on Netflix, and we can’t go an hour without checking out social media. We’re not researching the economy; we’re not looking up the book on the economy. It’s like exercising. When you start working out, it’s difficult at first, but it gets easier as you change your thought process.

BGFM: That’s like nonfiction, and me I hated it. Then I really started getting into biographies. Once I exposed myself to it, I actually enjoyed it.What are three things you want the reader to know about you and your company?

Untitled-3JG: We are here for the author and the reader. We want to strengthen the author’s brand and the reader’s knowledge. We foster communication, knowledge, and literacy and we are here to stay. We will be around for a long time and are excited to bring our brand to the table.


BGFM: What makes Black girls fly?

JG: We're innovative. As an African American woman, I took an idea and ran with it. We do the hard work. Black women and white woman are coming together to bring a sisterhood of entrepreneurship.

BGFM: What can we expect from myBoogbag LLC?

JG: We are expanding. We are looking to bring initiatives in schools and giving back to the community, whether it’s reading programs with children or adults or learning grammar and context clues. We are definitely looking to schools in the future.

BGFM: Where can we get in touch with you?

JG: Our Twitter page, @myBookbagLLC , and instagram, @getmybookbag. We are expanding in the future we will offer different genres-

BGFM: Like theatre, drama, poetry-

JG: Absolutely, we are welcomed to suggestions. People can recommend authors that you want to read and who are looking to expand their brand. We’re looking to expand in Chicago by the end of 2015. We launched April 29 so subscribe today via . The first set of book bags will go out June 1st.




Rachel Dubose

Rachel DuBose is Chicago-based playwright returning to the area by way of Atlanta, GA. After finishing her undergraduate career at Spelman College, Rachel went on to work with NinaHoliday Productions and BET. Some of her work, Eve Within and Alkie's Anonymous have received stage readings at Spelman with the latter being showcased at The Alliance Theatre during Spelman Salon. Most recently, Lonely Hearts participated in The Fade 2 Black Festival in Houston, TX. Rachel holds a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for the Screen and Stage from Northwestern University.  Rachel is also a resident playwright at Mercy Street Theatre Company and a regular contributor for Black Girl Fly Magazine.