BGF Spotlight: Barrington's #BeTheBetterProject

1. Please tell our readers about yourself.
Hey readers,


My name is Barrington and I'm the owner/operator for Barrington B-Fitness, LLC based out of New York City. Currently, I am a personal trainer to clients in the Harlem/Upper East Side area. However, starting this spring, God willing, my range of clientele shall expand in a big way!

2.     What inspired your interest in fitness and wellness?

I've been an athlete and obsessed with performance my entire life, its truly an innate passion. As I got older I then realized the importance of being "better". Its impact on our quality of life is enormous and when we begin to steer the "vessel" in the right direction it's one of the best decisions one could ever make.

3.     Tell us a little more about The #BeTheB.E.T.T.E.R Project?

AH! I'm so excited about the unveiling of the #BeTheBetter Project! It's something very close to me and I hope consumers will be impacted as much as I intend for them to be. In an attempt to spread love and help all of us "have a better day" everyday, the #BeTheBetter Project was created. The goal is to inspire and produce happiness & productivity through action-based tasks and documenting. It comes in the form of a workbook with simple yet effective worksheet activities to in essence help you #BeTheBetter.




4.     Why did you decide to expand your reach beyond just the physical aspect of wellness?

Because…#BeTheBetter. My purpose is to impact lives for the positive and sow plenty of smiles. It only started with the physical aspect. Expanding outside of that allows me to further my purpose and fulfill the true essence of what defines #BeTheBetter.

5.     What other projects do you have?


My Training Team better known as the #BeTheBetter Fitness Society - A members only training team for individuals ready to begin, adjust and/or transform their fitness journey. It's an invite/referral only society however, if readers mention BGF  on the inquiry form via my website, this now serves as their referral.

#BeTheBetter Man <Spring>

#BeTheBetter Woman <Fall>

Two awareness campaigns which include events that host a variety of topics and objectives. 

6.     Other than being a guest contributor, how else can our readers connect with you? 


Social Media: @MrBeTheBetter

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