Drink Water. Eat Right. Exercise.


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It could all be so simple if we followed this.  But we’re human and humans are flawed. This is usually how it happens: we wait until the New Year to jumpstart our lifestyle change ( we have a shaky routine and a crash diet) and then come February we’ve abandoned ship. And postponed the “resolution” until next year , only to complete the same cycle.  Instead of going through that rigmarole, why not start now? Make a routine and get it together. So, where do we begin?


Drink Water.

I know, it sounds simple but did you know that being thirty is one of the first signs of dehydration, by the time you crave water, you are already dehydrated. Crazy I know, so try to take small sips of water all day. I’ve heard people say, water is gross (no, having infections from not drinking enough water is gross) or boring, but you have to “jazz” it up as you go.  One of my favorite things to do is add mint and lemon to my water, the mint gives the water a hint of sweetness and the lemon some flavor. I’m all about flavored water.  Here are a few simple pairings:


  • Mint + Lemon+ Lime
  • Mint +  Lemon+ Cucumber
  • Mint + Cucumber
  • Lemon + Chia Seeds
  • Lemon+ Cucumber
  • Cucumber and seasonal berries
  • Lemon + Cucumber+ Rosemary ( Yes, I break out fresh sprigs of Rosemary)


Try a few of these concoctions or make your own- but please keep yourself hydrated. Drinking water improves skin, nails, and over all health.


Eat Right.


It’s cold, comfort food keeps the tummy warm. Delicious pastas and thick cuts of meats, all sound delicious and you should enjoy them, but in moderation. There is no reason why you should not have that second helping of macaroni and cheese but why not incorporate some green vegetables with that? Veggies are our friends and green vegetables are often neglected for their fun “carborhydratic” friends (corn is a starch, people!). Try adding a vegetable to each meal or limit your meat intake for the week, that way you are forced to find more creative ways to eat your veggies . Remember the more colorful the better. Here are some quick tips to help you eat better:


  • Shop the perimeter of the grocery store (it eliminates buying processed foods and snacks).
  • Switch up your meals  (Tuna Salad for dinner or overnight oats for breakfast) keep it loose and keep it fun!
  • Play around with different recipes (veggie risotto)
  • Spice it up, turmeric adds a little pizazz.
  • Blend your spinach in a smoothie- It’s a sweet alternative to eating your veggies.

Brittany Clybourn for Wilhelmina via tumblr



We treat exercise like a curse word.  The big bad “E” but in reality exercising does so much for us. It gives us more energy, improves our mood, and keeps diseases at bay.  It’s actually pretty fly. Exercising can be a chore, yes, I understand and gym memberships can get expensive, I get it.  However, there are ways to make exercising more fun and inexpensive.  You can go to free yoga at Lululemon ( free sessions on Sunday) or you could go for a brisk walk at lunch or after work ( or class). Since we now live in the world of technology, google some yoga on youtube or try to find some High Intensity Interval Training ( H.I.I.T.) online.  There are so many ways to get moving and stay motivated.  Here are a few fun searches:


  • Jump Rope routines
  • Ab exercises
  • Triceps dips
  • At home workouts.

Instagram has recently become a really great way to follow fitness gurus. These are just a few ideas to get you started. (One of our faves: @followthelita)


Nothing happens overnight and this isn’t advocating weight loss, this is encouraging a healthy lifestyle that is simple and lasting.

What steps can you take to get healthy ladies?

Rachel DuboseRachel DuBose is Chicago-based playwright returning to the area by way of Atlanta, GA. After finishing her undergraduate career at Spelman College, Rachel went on to work with NinaHoliday Productions and BET. Some of her work, Eve Within and Alkie's Anonymous have received stage readings at Spelman with the latter being showcased at The Alliance Theatre during Spelman Salon. Most recently, Lonely Hearts participated in The Fade 2 Black Festival in Houston, TX. Rachel holds a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for the Screen and Stage from Northwestern University.  Rachel is also a resident playwright at Mercy Street Theatre Company and a regular contributor for Black Girl Fly Magazine.