BG AmpliFly'd: BizDev + Strategy & Content Marketing


Name: Sabrina “Bri” Labossiere

Role: Business Development + Strategy

Academic Accomplishments: BA in Economics & Business

Profession: Business and Creative Consultant

Founder and Director of the SLAPcollective, Bri found her purpose in art. Creating unifying spaces for creatives and community contributors, she makes sure to encourage the exploration and expression of self through creative arts and dialogue (what we all need!). Bri brings this passion and drive to the BGF Team and we’re so lucky for it.

Living her life to the [insert expletive] fullest, you can catch this 29-year-old shedding light and love wherever she goes.

Established as a poet and gatherer--an overall voice (speaking things into existence!), Bri aims to impart change in the mind-states and well beings of global communities; aligning visions and fostering synergies. As a creative, she intends to show how artistic expressions can move mountains.

Why are Black girls fly?

For every reason we are told we aren't and especially because we know it despite all of the other noise

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Name: Brittany Edwards

Role: Growth Hacker, Content Marketing

Academic Accomplishments: MS Systems Science + Mathematics

Profession: Systems Integration Engineer

Flourishing in an industry where you seldom find women, Brittany is determined to use the numbers and have them on her side. At 23, she is an engineer that works on an event that highlights women in underrepresented industries in her free time. She also creates content for her friend’s non-profit. Geez Louise!

Her hobbies include reading, hiking, traveling and listening to music like nobody’s business--and we mean nobody, alright?! In the future, you can find her starting her own consulting company while empowering the youth, never forgetting where she came from.

Why are Black girls fly?

Black girls are fly due to our ability to spread our light and create our own spaces. We are all so different, yet so beautiful and nothing can compare to the power we hold within, and how damn good we look while doing it all.