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The two things that struck me about this woman the first time I met her were her joy and her confidence, both which she displayed with huge gestures. We were at a small happy hour event and sparked up conversation about injustice and liberation, you know, “bar talk." We were talking about how important activating the people is for monumental change, and this is the moment I really met Bella BAHHS. In all of her five foot-- lil more than nothin’--splendor, she stands atop a bar stool and starts rapping to everyone in the room. A combination of words that indeed sparked a moving thought in my mind and I’m sure in everyone else’s.


Her lyrics spark an emotional response through the power they invoke. This can be heard in the way she unapologetically speaks the raw, real, and hard to swallow truth. Also, the wordplay she constructs in every bar is a part of an intense battle cry for the masses who want freedom from anti-black destruction to respond to.


The woman is COLD. She was just jubilant, spitting these powerful words while sporting a sparkling ear-to-ear smile! Ever since then, Bella BAHHS (Black Ancestors Here Healing Society)--not bars-- has been sprinkling her #BlackGirlMagic all over Chicago, and soon the world.


In this episode of P Power Radio, I talked with Bella BAHHS about exactly what makes her magical, “fuckboys who do fuckthings” in black communities, and her royal status on the west side of Chicago. I didn’t need to get her into my bedroom to have deep, vulnerable conversation, but that’s where the microphones… We also had a chance to spit together in a Freestyle Friday segment that proves I should have also been invited to the Set It off Cypher (holla at me Essie L).

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Listen to the whole interview here:

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