Being Mary Jane Returns for a Second Season


being-mary-jane-trailer_400x295_49-2 Tonight BET’s Being Mary Jane returns for a second season. If you missed some episodes, forgot what happened or never watched (do these people exist?) here’s a crash course on season one.


When we last watched, Pauletta Patterson Mary Jane Paul had broken up with her married boyfriend Andre Daniels. She even took the step further and asked his wife to take him back, giving her tips on what Andre likes. She has some nerve or nah? She made peace with her secretly rich turned openly rich ex-boyfriend David Paulk and decided she was not going to use his poorly frozen and stolen (is it technically stolen?) sperm in order to impregnate herself. We also didn’t know if we were going to forgive BFF Lisa for telling David about the spunk in the first place—but that’s a different conversation to be had. Mary Jane seemed to be on the journey toward self-love—a space that would not allow the romantic relationships in her life to dictate her emotions at any given moment.


While we’re still scrawling in the margins of our metaphorical notebooks our first names followed by “Paulk” we realize in season 2, that David might not get his happily ever after with his model girlfriend. And though we still have no chance with him since he’s like a fictional or whatever, we are going to have to decide whether or not we’re rooting for his new relationship or his old one especially considering season two promises a new love interest for Mary Jane. But while we’re on the subject, do we know if Stephen Bishop is single?


There’s still time to get caught up on Season One of the series. BET is showing the complete season until 10pm tonight when season 2 begins. Netflix also has the movie and first season if you can’t quite get to a television before 10pm tonight.


If you’re already all caught up, check out the trailer for season 2 below:


What do you think? Will you be watching?


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