Ashely’s Favorite Black Girl Bloggers


This past year I was fortunate enough to come across seven awesome blogs run by incredible Black women. Through these blogs I was exposed to new ideas, tips, tricks, and inspiration. The collection of blogs I have selected center around Black women and our experiences. The content includes travel, food, (plus size) fashion, music, and politics. I hope you come to enjoy them all as much as I have!Happy New Year!

Confessions of a Glam-a-Holic This blog is a perfect combination of style, motherhood, and entrepreneurism wrapped up in glam! Visit:


Cecil Emeke This Black woman centered hub is home to all of the creative ramblings of storyteller, series creator, and film director Cecile Emeke. Visit:


The Jenesaisquoi Style blogger Jeneise has mastered the art of combining casual and chic. With the occasional notes of sequins and fur she makes being fashionable look glam and easy! Visit:


Travel Noire The tag line for this site, “Cultivated insights from a global community of Black travelers,” will inspire and elevate wanderlust in any viewer. Visit for travel tips and amazing photos.

photo-18 (Source: @travelnoire on Instagram features @bserwadda and his trip to Dubai)

New Model Minority This blog centers around discussions of the intersection of Black women and feminism, hip hop, and is run by the creator of my favorite hashtag, #blackgirlsarefromthefuture. Visit:


Brittany Holloway-Brown Brown has curated a blog as beautiful as the vibrant watercolor paintings she creates. Visit:

photo.PNG-2 (Source: @Missholloway paints a photo of the late Karyn Washington, creator of For Brown Girls)

Black Girls Talking This funny and insightful group of Black women share their perspectives on politics, art, and everything else in between. Their Tumblr account further highlights the different personalities of each woman. Visit:



Trendy Curvy Kristine gets it right every single time! This plus blogger, effortlessly merges trendy pieces and classic fashion staples. Visit:


The House of JD This blog is focused on highlighting the excellence that is Black folks in professional wear. If Olivia Pope had a Tumblr (or the time to run one), this would be it. Visit:



AshleyAshely Tisdale is a recent graduate of Florida A&M University. She earned my Bachelor’s degree in English, and is currently in the process of pursuing a PhD. She is a big sister, dreamer, prayer, girlfriend, and underemployed window shopping enthusiast. She thinks "Black Girls Are Fly because history has simultaneously deemed us un-credited trendsetters and undesirable. Despite these consistent inconsistencies, we celebrate ourselves." Find her:|