All White Everything: Miss Tina Knowles Ties the Knot


Cliff Watts Mama Knowles--we call her Mama Knowles because she's mother to our play sisters Beyonce and Solange and because she also gives us queen mother with her constant style, her discretion and that killer stare, wedded actor and dreamboat, Richard Lawson this weekend. Sunday, the pair, dressed in white, vowed their lives to one another on a 140-foot yacht off of the coast of Newport Beach, California. Similar to singer Solange's wedding five months ago, the timeless theme of all white was prevalent. The bride, 61 and groom, 67 looked stunning while their guests, also in notes of ivory and white included Jay-Z, Blue Ivy, and, of course Beyonce and Solange. After more than 30 years of marriage with former husband, Matthew Knowles, it's clear that Miss Tina has found love again. Welcome to the family Uncle Rich--or will it be Uncle Richie? Either way we are loving Miss Tina's second act in love. Slay Queen. Slay.


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