Aba Flower and What You Need to Know About Multiple Sclerosis



Image: (To the Right) Aba Kifle at MS Fundraiser 2016

Many don’t know what exactly what MS is. It stands for Multiple Sclerosis, an immune mediated disease that affects the central nervous system. According to nationalmssociety.org, the cause of this disease is unknown and most diagnoses are given to people between ages twenty and fifty years old. Symptoms do vary from person to person and are unpredictable in nature.  


As for Aba Kifle, Co-owner of Kifle Shoe Boutique, she started to feel the affects of the disease at a young age when she began to feel numbness in her hands, but she did not think of it as anything much at the time. Until the numbness spread to one side of her face. She was diagnosed with MS in December of 2012. However, she did not let her diagnoses stop her from living life.

MS Fundraiser

Image: Crowd at MS Fundraiser 2016

With the support of her family and friends Aba started a fundraiser to raise awareness of the potentially debilitating disease. This year marks the third annual Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser that she has produced in Colombus, Ohio. The 2016 Fundraiser was hosted at Made and Co. Gallery and as stated by Aba in an interview with Power 107.5, the theme for the her fundraiser is Look Up which is a statement  for anyone going through a tough time to be positive in light of the situation.


Image: Aba Kifle holding Kroger sponsored balloons


The event also featured music by @djosharp and a live performance by acts like @pabloamor_threeseas. Art and pictures were sponsored by @shutupandcreate and @kingvada.


Image: DJ OSharp

Sponsored by @stancesocks were socks and t-shirts were sponsored by @abnormal_allies and Redi Quik Signs. Furthermore, there was a chance to sponsor a balloon from @krogerco for an end of the night send off.

Kroger Balloons

Image: Fundraiser attendees signing balloons

All proceeds went toward the National MS Society to aid in finding the cure for Multiple Sclerosis. To support the cause and #TeamKifle visit www.abaflower.com.

Balloon Send Off

Image: MS Fundraiser 2016 attendees at balloon send off

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