A 'Leading Ladies of Chicago' Christmas



(photographs by Glyde Photography)

On Saturday December 19, 2015 we met the influential Leading Ladies of Chicago to commemorate the Christmas season, at their Art of Christmas Business Holiday Party. This social event was held at one of Chicago’s budding nightlife locations, Society Night Club. The hosts of the night are some of Chicago’s most forthcoming, inspirational, hustling, businesswomen and entrepreneurs of the current times. They are the curators of “BasketballMom/HoopLyfe Apparel”, Nikki Burnett (@shenikkib), “Kiwis Boutique”, Chiquita White (@ms_kiwisboutique), and Wardrobe Consulting by Jennifer Nashae (@JenniferNashae). These ladies took it upon themselves to come together, along with a wide range of their fabulous, forward, fellow female entrepreneur friends, such as Monique Rodriguez of Mielle Organics, to bring us a night of celebration and good vibes. Oh, and let us not forget, it was free! Yes, these leading ladies saw it in their hearts and budgets to create a special night for young socialites to share in a festive occasion at no cost to the attendees. Classy move, ladies!

IMG_1075BGF EIC Nick Alder, CEO of Mielle Organics Monique Rodriguez & BGF Contributor Tyler Lawrence

The evening was set with live music by DJ Happy, spinning from start to finish. Attendees were able to hear directly from the hosts and their sponsors, sharing the gratitude for everyone coming to celebrate with them, as well as sharing some of the successes they have seen with their separate businesses and brands. All the while, all guests were able to dance the night away to their favorite songs, enjoy drinks from the bar, indulge in the sweets table, and gain the opportunity to win prizes from sponsored gift giveaways. There were professional photographers swarming the room, ensuring that no candid moment went I captured and that no bright eye nor breathtaking outfit went unseen. The vibe was that of a cheerful after 5 cocktail party and this event did not fail to come through with all the stops. All night long, there was not one face without a smile to sport and a warm festive spirit radiating across the room. Thank you to the Leading Ladies of Chicago for sharing your holiday cheer with the city!


Leading Lady of Chicago's Nikki Burnett & BGF Contributor Tyler Lawrence

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