A Jar of This Will Change Your Life


coconut_oil_benefits I know what you're thinking, this is another rant and rave review about coconut oil--the magical oil. You are right, but you knew that already. Honestly, if I was Olivia Pope and I had to choose between the dream house in Vermont with Fitz or coconut oil, sorry Fitz but this oil is just one of those items I would absolutely need if stranded on a deserted island, sorry Jake. Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut and is known to be abundant in saturated fat (the good kind that won't clog your arteries). I mean, it's edible, it removes make-up, some use it as a sexual lubricant, AND it can also be used as a moisturizer for hair and skin. It can walk your dog, do your taxes and tie up your head scarf at night! A 6-foot scroll can be composed listing all of the miracles this oil performs, but I want to give you time to actually use it. The delicious scent is a bonus; no shade to the other natural oils out there.

In food, coconut oil is used when frying, baking, sautéing, making sauces and as an alternative to other fatty cooking oils. It is light and adds a hint of sweetness that doesn't overtake the dish you're making. Many Thai dishes use coconut oil as the base for curry sauce. I would tell you how I cook with it, but it always ends up on my body before it ends up in a pan.

Coconut oil is the answer to removing make-up as well! Here's how: take a dime sized amount and spread the oil onto your face with your fingertips. Once your face is generously oiled, use a warm white wash cloth to wipe your gorgeous face free of the day’s make-up. Rinse the cloth out and gently wipe your face again. This will aid in making your skin supple and avoiding those harsh facial soaps that are not so kind to your skin. You'll fall in love with this method.

Coconut  oil is also amazing for skin (I told you...6-foot scroll). Add coconut oil to your daily skin regiment and you will see results. After showering, moisturize yourself with coconut oil and pat dry. You will improve the moisture of your skin and protect it from harmful UV Rays that emit from the sun. It's similar to a sunscreen in that way--add it to the scroll! After trying this, the baby oil you normally use will find courtship with the other skin care products on your bureau to be forgotten until you're in dire need. And even then, you probably will just make an emergency trip to Whole Foods.

The use of coconut oil in hair may be my favorite of all. Unlike grease that just sits on your scalp. Coconut oil penetrates your scalp and fortifies your hair follicles. It aids in retaining the protein in your hair as well as improves your appearance, adding a healthy shine and luster to your fly mane. If you aren't familiar with the term “pre-poo”, it is a step that some citizens of the natural hair community take before shampooing their hair. If you're thinking about trying it, continue reading. If you're not, continue reading anyway. First, section your hair and add generous amounts of coconut oil from root to end. Next, place a shower cap or hair dryer over your hair for as long as you deem necessary. This helps to lock in some of the oils that shampooing sometimes strips away after washing. A pre-poo is similar to a hot oil treatment. Although the fusion of many oils can make a great “pre-poo”, coconut oil will send you over the moon! Why should you believe me? You shouldn’t. Try it for yourself and thank me later, no Drake though.

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