Rain: Our EIC & Friends Cover SWV


[embed]https://twitter.com/Word2Nick/status/738922198149238784[/embed] by Christina Dunn

The acoustics in the room seemed perfect for the harmony of the guest unified voices. “Happy Birthday, Dear Nick!,” the crowded room, painted in a deep, mystifying blue sings; “Happy Birthday to you.” Nick sat in the middle of the harmony, her leather jacket snug to her body and her black beanie to match.


She smiled hard and took in her moment.

For a minute, Nick’s closest friends, who had become more like family, came together like a church choir; belting out the lyrics to “Happy Birthday,” in celebration for her 20-something years of living. The synchronization of voices set the tone of the night.

Nickecia Alder, or ‘Nick,’ as her friends and family call her, is the Founder and Editor-in- Chief of Black Girl Fly Magazine. She calls herself a “Digital Alchemist” and a “Millennial Storyteller.” To her friends and her beloved team, she is the stylish, petite girl with a lot of spunk and a huge laugh. It’s her mission to keep the voices of Black girls and Black creatives heard.

In mid-February, it was no surprise that Nick needed to celebrate her birthday with loved ones, but most importantly, there would be a spin placed on this special day. Nick released this Facebook status in hopes of making her birthday fun, creative and original:

“Soooo it is indeed the case that I am recording a mixtape at a creative cypher on my birthday + it'll be hosted by my sister DJ Rae Chardonnay + I'd like all my frans to stop by and hop on a harmony, drop a hot 16 or just give good vibes. Sending details out soon so SAVE THE DATE!”

Nick and her friends celebrated at recording artist and creative's, Calid B's in-house studio. The blue walls continued on from the kitchen area where her friends sang the “Happy Birthday” song. There was a mic, speakers, sitting chairs that folded and a couch where everyone crowded around to see who was going to spit the next fire bar. What started out as a fun time with friends turned into various mixes that sounded good enough to share with the world.

The studio-based celebration ended up fostering the song “Rain,” a cover of the 1998 hit by girl group, SWV. In this very moment, “Rain” transformed into a boundless musical high and a chance for the Chicago friend group: Calid B, Nick, Devin, Rae, Tyler, Tribble, Denzel and Ciera, to be creative and let their free spirits make a memorable track for Nick’s birthday.

“Cause Nick is the shit and it’s her birthday b*tch,” raps Calid.

Calid B, a producer and beat master, was responsible for picking all the beats and he often spit a few fun lines to warm up the room. Devin on the other hand picked all the songs. Devin is a new friend who Nick had just met that weekend and as she would say, “He’s sooo dope and super talented!” Devin can practically sing to anything and he is what sparked the beginning of a fun and genius cover.

Devin and Calid went back and forth with beats and songs. After much searching, Devin began to sing.

“Let your love just fall like rain/ Rain, Rain, Rain on me,” sings Devin.

Devin continued to sing the chorus of Rain, that we all know and love. His voice is angelic and shows his range. The melody continued but the mood of the song switched as another friend of Nick’s, Denzel, turned the R&B song from a soft girl group tune to a Trap Soul vibe.

“I make it rain, I make it rain on these hoes,” says Denzel.

Eventually everyone was feeling the vibe. The couch full of friends were nodding and swaying to the beat, holding cups of love and smiling in excitement. Nick directed everyone on when to come in on the beat and where to end. Tribble began to sing-rap channeling Drake’s sound and then Ciera rapped under Tribble. It all ended with Tyler, a major key to the Black Girl Fly collective singing more SWV lyrics.

“I make it rain on you,” Tyler says.

Nick and her friends transcend what it means to be young, carefree, #BlkCreatives. Her group of friends like many young black millennials channeled their individual talents into a dope cover. The cover isn’t simply a mash up of voices. “Rain,” the freestyle, is the epitome of Black Joy. It is the joy that helps us through good times and for Nick and her friends, it was the celebration of continued success and another year of living. Nick’s birthday bash became the center of a mixtape that shares her long lasting friendships and genuine love for music. “Rain” is a facet of Black Creativity.

Listen to the cover of Rain on Sound Cloud:


BGF_8234Christina Dunn was born and raised in Queens, New York, but has spent her undergraduate years 8 LONG hours away at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). As she journeys through her senior year, she will be finishing off her double major in Sociology and Communication. Christina balances interning, school and advising UB’s Black Student Union. She has found her calling in communication, currently interning at Buffalo’s #1 Inspiration station, WUFO 1080 AM. She has varying interest: social justice reform, research, sports (basketball junkie), music and contemporary art. Christina embodies what it means to be a fly black girl through AMBITION and ACTION. Black Girls are fly because they strive to be in positions where their voices are not only heard but are followed! Find her: IG: @_wheatsdunn