25 Day Countdown to the Holidays


*Sings* On the first day of Christmas, the universe brought to meee....now we don't all celebrate Christmas, and I'm pretty sure that those are not the words BUT one thing I do know: it's unavoidable to spend money during this time of giving and receiving. And, because it's that wonderful time of the year again, we need to be cautious about how we spend our dollar. Money is a vote and speaks to the things that we find are important enough to support. For us fly Black girls, that may mean to shop locally and to patronize shops and services started and owned by other Black folk. With that said, see our list below! You'll find Black owned and Black dominated shops, businesses and services that you'll be sure to love and gift to others! Follow us throughout our countdown! Everyday we'll highlight another Black owned business to choose from. Happy Shopping!

25. Our first feature is a goody! She represents the new-age around the way girl. Katrina Charles img_6857started her accessories brand as a cathartic effort and it quickly became the start to her empire. Katrina is a woman who evolves with today's fashion trends while also staying true to who she is. She inspires women to inspire themselves and we couldn't agree more! Visit her fashion pieces here and here and here.


schisolm24. Because pins are in and Black themed pins are even better. Check out some of our favorite sites for some great gift ideas. Whether you're adorning your leather jacket or a book bag, these are the perfect stocking stuffers--they're both fashionable and let your politic show. See here and here and here!


23. Because we all wanted to go to Hillman College. And whether we were the Denise Huxtable or the Kim Reese or the Whitley Gilbert, we were sure that once we turned 18 that was the only college we were going to be applying to! Check out our favorite college paraphernalia here.



Ruth 2Ruth Jean-Marie is a graduate of New York University where she received her Master’s of Science degree in Global Affairs. Dedicating her life to the alleviation of misery around the world, her greatest goal is to become a superhero. Her interests include fashion, equality for women and Black people--that real equality, not the surface level stuff, traveling around the world and writing. She's excited about life and intends on living it. She also has a mild obsession with shoes, shopping and sharing her opinion. You'll hear all about it. Follow Ruth on Twitter and on Instagram.