Spring into spring hair: go-to styles for the new season

Ahh…It’s finally spring. And if you have beef, it's technically spring. So let’s talk about spring-inspired hair.

Now that it’s getting warmer *crosses fingers that it'll stay this way*, you should consider switching up your washing + twisting routine. Start off detangling with coconut oil and co-wash your hair using a sulfate free shampoo. Using an extra slippery conditioner, detangle as you go. Deep condition for however long is necessary and then add in your favorite leave in conditioner and oil and even a light cream. Depending on how you want to wear your hair or the events that you have that week, see below. I'm going to get a little personal.


I like to stretch my hair using curl formers and flexi- rods. Depending on the neatness of the installation, I wear it as is for a few days before I finger comb it out for the next style. A fav is Milkmaid braids  or Goddess braids

Source: @mama.photog

Source: @mama.photog

Before I do each style I like to spritz my hair with a little water, add more leave in, and apply a light cream.

Twist Out

With my hair still damp with cream, I install 16 twists and curl the ends with perm rods. I usually wear my hair like this for a few days until I have to refresh it using water, leave in conditioner, and cream. With my hair in a twist out, I usually bun it when the style starts to get old. I usually do a “southern tease bun”- it’s a folded up bun, where you (or a very patient friend) pinch(es) the sides and bobby pins it. Another "go-to" is the top knot.

I try to keep some type of consistency when it comes to my hair. Keeping a regimen is difficult because of time and the weather (she has a way of thoroughly jacking up my day with her humidity and other foolishness including snowing in March).

Right now, I’m in embarking on a growth challenge. My hair seems to break after it reaches a certain length and I want longer hair and these spring styles should get me on the right track.