2014 Recap: Five Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

In 2014 Black Twitter solidified itself as a powerful force in the social media space. From capturing tense moments in Ferguson that were not publicized in mainstream media to lighter topics like Lifetime’s disastrous Aaliyah biopic, Twitter is a space where we have discussed humor, race relations, politics, and general foolishness– all in 140 characters or less. Below are five notable accounts that you should follow in 2015.

@fivefifths – Also known as W.E.B.B.I.E DuBois, he is widely known for his “The system cannot fail those it was never built to protect” quote, which is commonly attributed to W.E.B. DuBois. His feed is eclectic – from his writing on Gawker to the hilarious hashtag #DuragHistoryMonth, you will not be disappointed.



@jamilahlemieux – With over 128,000 tweets, Jamilah Lemieux provides insight on her account as a Digital Editor for Ebony Magazine. Her pop culture commentary can be controversial at times, but her coverage of Ferguson’s initial protests was captivating.


@rgay – Roxane Gay is an author of one of 2014’s biggest books: Bad Feminist. This self-proclaimed lover of Barefoot Contessa and elephants will give you a different perspective of Black Twitter and recommendations of new essays, books, and ideas.



@tanehisicoates As the writer of one of The Atlantic’s most poignant pieces this year, Ta-Nehisi Coates uses his account as an extension of his weekly essays. If you haven’t read it already, access The Case for Reparations here. After you read, be sure to follow Ta-Nehisi for his perspective on the debate he reignited around reparations, current events, and his quest to learn French.



@abelleinbk – Long-term blogger Demetria Lucas became a reality star this year through her casting on the Bravo TV reality show Blood, Sweat, and Heels. Her article for The Root was also instrumental in publicizing Elizabeth Lauten’s criticism of the Obama daughters. Her tweets are mainly comprised of reader submitted questions that will you make you laugh, cry, or leave you bewildered.





Vanessa is a twentysomething living in and loving New York City. She majored in English with the intentions of being a lawyer, but set that goal aside when she realized her love for communications. She now works as a Senior Marketing Associate at a technology company. When she’s not working, she loves tapping into her creative side, reading op-eds, traveling, and giving side-eye. She always has a stomachache. Vanessa believes Black girls are fly for several reasons, but if she had to choose one it would be their ability to empower one another. Find Her: Instagram |Twitter