Octavia Butler and a revelation about milk consumption


I was reading Wild Seed by Octavia Butler and the protagonist was offended when she was given cow’s milk. For her, the consumption of cow’s milk degraded the body. It made me think, should we really be drinking another animal’s milk? Throughout our lives we are sold on drinking milk. We are told that it promotes healthy teeth and bones, essential for our growth as adults. However, this information seems discerning since over half of the world’s population is allergic (read: lactose intolerant) to cow’s milk. We let our children drink cow’s milk all day but, as a society, we recoil at the sight of a woman breastfeeding her child over the age of one. What does this thick, white, and sometimes poisonous substance offer to the masses? Society told us milk is rich in vitamin D and calcium and maybe it is, but the milk we consume today has tons of hormones (oftentimes linked to ovarian cancer) and additives. I don’t know if I trust it.

Cow’s milk is great for calves but it can be detrimental for human consumption and studies show that the calcium from milk may not be as absorbent as we thought. Milk is great for protein it is also extremely fatty. Fat can clog arteries leading to heart disease and we can, alternatively, get our calcium from a plant based diet.

Most importantly, we must understand that we are consuming another animal’s milk. We don’t drink ape's milk, or elephant's milk, but we do consume goat’s milk , camel’s milk and any other hipster chic animal milk alternative. If your mother could pump her breast milk into a glass would you drink it as a 30 year-old man? Let’s just think about it.

All dairy doesn't need to be thrown out, but it is important to do research and be informed regarding what we put in our bodies. Everyone's body responds differently. Processed food thrives on convenience and frugality and unfortunately this is to the detriment of our bodies. Here are some healthy milk alternatives:

Nut Milk*

Almond Milk

Cashew Milk

Soy Milk

Rice Milk

Coconut Milk

* Nut Milks are tasty and blends well in recipes.