10 ways to celebrate Valentine's Day if you're single

It’s happening. It happens every year: Valentine’s Day. And with Valentine’s Day comes a slew of social media posts and articles that remind you that you’re single, that everyone in the world is in a loving committed relationship, except for you. Orrrrr you may not be phased by these shows of affection at all, you may even love witnessing and seeing love, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate too. So, whether you’re happy or not-so-happy, see below for some fun Valentine’s Day activities for those of us who are as single as a dollar bill, patiently waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right.

Send Love Letters to the Women in your Life

In a virtual world, physical mail is becoming rarer and rarer. Pick up some Valentine’s Day cards and mail them out to the loves of your life. The people in your life will appreciate it. Trust us! Your mother may not have gotten a heartfelt card in a while and your niece may be too young to celebrate like the grown folk. Send it to your girlfriend that is always there for you and even write yourself a love letter reaffirming all the sweet words you deserve to hear--or read. Get extra points by buying from and supporting Black businesses. Check out some cards here. You want extra, extra points? Make the cards yourself.

Photo Cred: @mama.photog

Photo Cred: @mama.photog

Go on a Hot Date with Yourself

This is one of our favs. Hang out with yourself. Journal. Get to know yourself outside of your daily routine. What do you like to do? What haven’t you done in a while? There are a lot of benefits to dating oneself. In addition to all the existential stuff, you don’t have to work around anyone else’s schedule, anyone else’s diet and it’s A LOT easier to find a seat in the movie theatre.


Watching everyone else in love may trigger something in you that you didn’t realize was there. Desiring and needing love is perfectly natural, but envying others’ love is unhealthy. Get off social media, and do what we’ve been telling you to do all article: get some quality time with yourself. Actually, stop reading this article right now and QT the mess out of your day--jk jk. Finish this good read and then put the phone down.

Do Something You Have Been Putting Off

This one creates a sense of accomplishment. You ever check something off of a “to do” list? It feels better than getting your first degree or putting together Ikea furniture on your own.

Treat Yourself to Something Nice

What’s your favorite thing: ice cream? Jewelry? A nice steak? (sorry vegans!) Do it today. Be a tiny bit irresponsible. Treat yourself the way you want your imaginary partner to treat you. Okay, we said to be irresponsible but still be responsible. Haha. If you’re on a strict spending plan, maybe setting up a Roth IRA is your gift. Building and adding to your financial future because maybe you’ve treated yourself a little bit too much in the past, is just as great a gift. Either way, do something for yourself.

Get Together with the Girls

Photo Cred: @mama.photog

Photo Cred: @mama.photog

Galentine’s Day anyone? Get together with your girrrrllffriienndss *cue Tracee Ellis Ross’ entrance* Ok, so maybe “Joan” won’t be in attendance. But grab a bottle of wine, put on your PJs and invite your girlfriends over. Our friends can bring the most catharsis ever and having an adult sleepover or date night can give us the peace we didn’t even know we needed. Unburden and laugh girl. It’s therapeutic.

Revamp Your Living Space

There is so much information about how restructuring your home and creating space changes your mood. Clean out a closet to create literal and metaphysical space. Or, rearrange your bedroom. Rearranging your living space is actually tied to being happier, and who doesn't want to be happier. 

Have a Private Dance Party

Put on your favorite tunes and dance it out. Spend an hour of your day jumping up and down and releasing whatever it is that you need to release. Let’s say you prefer the melodic tunes of Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, then slow it down and spend an hour of intentionality. Music is cathartic, so use it to release!

Photo Cred: @mama.photog

Photo Cred: @mama.photog

DIY Spa Day

You can remix a few of the suggestions on this list for this one. Play your favorite music, buy your favorite meal and run yourself a bath. You can do your own nails and make detox water similar to what you’ll find at major spas. Grab a bath bomb from your local pharmacy or, again, buy Black and cop yourself a goodie from BLK + GRN.  Either way, exfoliate (fun tip: use sugar and lip balm to exfoliate your lips!) + unwind.

Last but not least, you can treat today like any other day. Valentine’s Day is what you make it. And, if it’s not a big deal to you then don’t make a big deal out of it.

Either way, stay fly. xo