BGF Collective

Nickecia Alder

Founder, Editor-in-chief

Nickecia "Dr. Nick" Alder is creator and editor-in-chief of Black Girl Fly Mag. Hailing from Queens, New York, this "around the way girl" is a therapist, scholar and researcher by day and by night, a digital alchemist, engineering online communities that explore and exalt the beautiful complexities of Black women. Her affinity for learning and creating influenced her to marry her passion and profession; thus the Black Girl Fly Brand!

She is a media psychologist in training, working to shift the portrayal of Black women and girls. She stands fiercely at the forefront of a digital revolution, encouraging black women everywhere to love, appreciate, and celebrate one another. Nickecia is #BlackGirlFly! Find Her: IG@word2nick Twitter @wordnick

Courtney Stradford

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Courtney Danielle Stradford is co-founder and creative director of Black Girl Fly Magazine. Born and raised in Staten Island, N.Y she is the epitome of a true New Yorker. She has an unwavering passion for fashion, hair, culture and of course a love for brunch! Courtney is a full time microbiology graduate student moonlighting as a natural hair and beauty enthusiast. She began her natural hair journey over a year and a half ago. By combining her creativity and passion she founded her brand Curls and Couture. The Curls and Couture brand caters to the natural, fashionable and fit woman while serving as a platform for advice and inspiration.

Courtney believes that every woman is a Queen. She seeks to Uplift, encourage and inspire Black women in every aspect of life. Find Her: IG/Twitter @curlsandcouture

Azalia Brown

Writer, Social Media

Hi! I’m Azalia, not IGGY and not Banks. I can’t say I’m not a little hyped that a name this unusual is getting some notoriety these days. I hail from the concrete jungle. I lived in many places, but New York is always home. Cultivated and cropped from Binghamton University, I have been blessed to meet other black girls that are fly! Like others I love reading, being spontaneous, good company and a little bit of Beyonce, maybe a lotta bit (who doesn’t?). My talents include and are not limited to: laughing and all things black hair!

Find Me:,

Ashley Tisdale

Writer, Social Media

"come celebrate with me that everyday something has tried to kill me and has failed." -Lucille Clifton


Greetings! I am Ashley Tisdale, a recent graduate of Florida A&M University. I earned my Bachelor’s degree in English, and am currently in the process of pursuing a PhD. I am a big sister, dreamer, prayer, girlfriend, and underemployed window shopping enthusiast. Black Girls Are Fly because history has simultaneously deemed us un-credited trendsetters and undesirable. Despite these consistent inconsistencies, we celebrate ourselves My interest’s include: Literature, Beyonce, Writing, Womanism, Plus Size Fashion. Find Me:

Shannon Bennett

Writer, Graphic Design | Hair & Beauty, Lifestyle & Culture , Fashion

Shannon Bennett is a brand strategist and graphic designer from St. Louis, MO. She currently resides in Chicago, IL where she dreams of summer days that are actually hot and consumes copious amounts of delicious fish tacos. By night (and some weekends) she is a wondering YouTuber, Blogger and DIY’er. Her blog and YouTube channel, Curly Deviants, features posts on natural hair, style, food and projects. Shannon is a lover of bacon, lazy Sundays, and adventures.

Find Her: @mstbennett,,,

Chelsea Nikki Holley

Writer | Lifestyle & Culture

Chelsea is a scholar, lover of hip-hop and alternative R&B, LGBT ally, educator, introverted extrovert and an extreme foodie. She is currently working on her Ph.D in Sociology at Georgia State University where her research interests include black feminist studies, educational disparities across racial lines and micro-aggressions in a post-racial society. She works for Georgia Tech doing educational design-focused outreach in the Metro Atlanta area. In her spare time she loves to cook, spend time with her family, read and a host of other introverted socially awkward things. Chelsea thinks black girls are fly because we are multi-dimensional, sexy, unapologetic and resilient. Black girls have mastered the art of being both black and woman in a society that condemns both; we're magic.

Find Her: @nikkiholley, @nikkiholley

Courtney Atkinson

Head of Graphic Design, Writer, Social Media | Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Culture

Courtney is a multi-faceted headstrong creative looking to make an impact on those around her. With a B.S. in Human Development from Binghamton University, Courtney has come to love understanding how one’s culture and context affects their perspective of the world. She enjoys dancing, event planning, reading, graphic design, sewing, teaching and listening to music.

Black girls are fly because we are strong, resilient women who are unafraid of expressing our truths through various mediums such as fashion, music, art, politics, and writing hoping to inflict change. We are the first to be blamed and the last to be thanked and yet, we still strive for greatness and press forward. Find her: @inhalemyfeisty,,

Rachel DuBose

Writer | Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness & Creative Writing

Rachel DuBose is Chicago-based playwright returning to the area by way of Atlanta, GA. After finishing her undergraduate career at Spelman College, Rachel went on to work with NinaHoliday Productions and BET. Some of her work, Eve Within and Alkie's Anonymous have received stage readings at Spelman with the latter being showcased at The Alliance Theatre during Spelman Salon. Most recently, Lonely Hearts participated in The Fade 2 Black Festival in Houston, TX. Rachel holds a Master of Fine Arts in Writing for the Screen and Stage from Northwestern University. Rachel is also a resident playwright for Mercy Street Theatre Company.

Ruth Jean-Marie

Writer, Editor, Social Media | Lifestyle & Culture, Fashion

Ruth Jean-Marie is a recent graduate of New York University where she received her Master’s of Science degree in Global Affairs with a concentration in human rights and international law. Dedicating her life to the alleviation of misery around the world, her greatest goal is to become a superhero. Her interests include fashion, equality for women and Black people--that real equality, not the surface level stuff, traveling around the world and writing. She's excited about life and intends on living it. She also has a mild obsession with shoes, shopping and sharing her opinion. You'll hear all about it. Find Her: @toharrietwithlove

Vanessa Toussaint

Writer, Editor, Social Media | Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Culture , Fashion

Vanessa is a twentysomething living in and loving New York City. She majored in English with the intentions of being a lawyer, but set that goal aside when she realized her love for communications. She now works as a Senior Marketing Associate at a technology company. When she’s not working, she loves tapping into her creative side, reading op-eds, traveling, and giving side-eye. She always has a stomachache. Vanessa believes Black girls are fly for several reasons, but if she had to choose one it would be their ability to empower one another. Find Her: @Bellevaness, @Bellevaness

Summer Wyatt

Writer | Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Culture, Fashion

Summer Sunshine Face This LA Native is a blogger, fashionista, entrepreneur, stylist, model and your next favorite person to know. Blunt, passionate, and honest are three words that describe Summer. Her words, pictures, and commentary is fresh and exciting to say the least. Currently pursuing her degree in mass communications and journalism, Summer is determined to have a positive affect on the lives of many, and be the voice of the new generation. She believes black girls are fly because despite their many untold stories, there's nothing strong enough to make them not want to get up and rise. If you look hard enough, you can see it in their eyes. To all my fly black girls, stand up and arise! Find Her: @summersunshineface,

Brittany Marie Foster

Writer | Hair & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle & Culture, Fashion

B. Marie Foster is a dreamer, doer, and believer. She loves writing her vision and seeing it come to fruition with faith and hard work. She hails from Wichita, Kansas and is a Howard University Alum. She enjoys learning from new people, spending time with family and friends, and watching anything that can make her laugh. B. Marie currently resides in Chicago, IL and is an Associate Producer at an advertising agency. Find Her: @b_marie_foster,@bmariefoster,, FB: B Marie Foster